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The Proyecto Estudios Indianos is an interdisciplinary research group on the American viceroyalties with a global perspective. It gathers researchers from 11 countries in America and Europe, dedicated to the study of the impact that the American viceroyalties had in the Modern Era. Its objective is to make visible, on a global scale, the role played by the populations of Latin America in the cultural, political and economic development of modern societies. It also raises new knowledge about the complex relationships woven between Europe and America during the creation of new cultural and political identities through fruitful processes of cultural exchange.

lines of action

Management of documentary heritage

Identification, care and study of the American texts, in Romance of Amerindian languages.


Interdisciplinary studies on the American reality, starting from its textual and cultural heritage.


Development of symposia, congresses and seminars, as well as tools for the study of the American colonial past.


Development of critical studies on different aspect of the American colonial past and the critical edition of the main works of literature of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries that form an American Text corpus.

Digital Humanities

Digital curatorship of colonial texts, implementation of a wiki of specialized terms and development of digital tools for education.


Proyecto Estudios Indianos / Centro de Estudios Indianos:

Directors: Ignacio Arellano and Martina Vinatea

Subdirector: Mariela Insúa (minsua@unav.es)

Coordinator: Álvaro Cubas (a.cubasm@up.edu.pe)

Digital Contents: Daphne CornejoChristian EgoavilIvonne Macazana and Enrique Urteaga.

Editorial Board:

Direction: Ignacio Arellano, Celsa Carmen García Valdés and Martina Vinatea

Subdirector: Juan Manuel Escudero

Excecutive secretary: Álvaro Baraibar (abaraibar@unav.es)


Foundation Obra Pía de los Pizarro

The foundation Obra Pía de los Pizarro is a fruit of a long and industrious process that starts with the Peruvian Conquest and the immediate events, where the Pizarro brothers: Francisco, Hernando, Juan y Gonzalo, play a leading part in the passionate pages of universal history, in which we study the rise and fall of the South American Empire where our main characters suffer a process of transformation , in the Iberian Peninsula, by the Indian fortune and aristocracy status acquired.
Foundation Obra Pía de los Pizarro

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