The star of Lima transformed on Sun over its three crowns…

Sacral political description of the greatness of the city of Lima, and historical ecclesiastical compendium of its Holy Metropolitan Church

Francisco de Echave y Assu, Caballero de Santiago, of Basque origin, was corregidor of the Cercado of Lima. He published in Antwerp La estrella de Lima … con motivo de la beatificación de Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo (The star of Lima … on the occasion of the beatification of Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo). Descriptions of different aspects of the society where Santo Toribio is an exemplary hero are included in the narrative. The term grandezas present in the title warns about the chorographic aim of this book: it describes the city and a catalog of the main convents of the city.

The book brings a map of Lima framed by allegories of Peruvian saints engraved by the Dutchman Joseph Malder, following its chorographic objective, who takes the engraving from Fray Pedro Nolasco.