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V.S. manda que los indios que tuvieren provisiones y decretos en su favor, no pidan confirmaciones por no ser necesario

Authors: Luis de Velasco y Castilla

Luis de Velasco, viceroy of Peru between the years 1596 and 1604, is the one who signs this document that seeks a better administration. We can see that it is made known that it is not necessary to request probative documents that confirm provisions and decrees in favor of the indigenous people.

This order was printed in the first printing press in South America by Antonio Ricardo so that it is known throughout the viceroyalty of Peru. The town criers would also be a fundamental part of this dissemination and that is why it is handwritten in the document that the document was read in the language of the Indians. Undoubtedly, this document is an important piece to analyze the search for efficiency among the viceregal administration and how it related to the indigenous population.