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The development of the Peruvian economy in the modern era, by Bruno Seminario

Authors: Bruno Seminario

The book presents the reconstruction of the most extensive series of economic data of the American continent and, based on these statistics, a new interpretation of the forces that governed the economic dynamics of Peru in the long term.

El desarrollo de la economía peruana en la era moderna (The development of the Peruvian economy in the modern era) is an unprecedented study in the case of American economic history. Bruno Seminario, tracing demographic and economic information, with creativity and expertise, has managed to reconstruct from the period of colonial stabilization the dynamics of the economy of the Viceroyalty of Peru from the eighteenth century to its the Republic. In this way the author  proposes a clear image as never before of the active figure represented by modern Peru from South America to the rest of the world.

Bruno Seminario is a researcher of the Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico, as well as a principal professor of the same university. With this book, Seminario has managed to explain the economic behavior of the South American giant, theViceroyalty of Peru: that covered the territory of eight countries. Although he includes three hundred years of economic history, the study involves five hundred years of demographic information. In addition you can have access to the tables that served as basic data for the author’s estimates, with unpublished information now available.