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Selected places of the excellent Latin poets for the exercise of translation, Lima 1795

This volume initiates, on the one hand, the contributions of friendly collectors. Fred Rohner, a philologist nowadays dedicated to the study of popular literature and music of the 19th century, has given us this interesting compendium of classical authors (Lucretius, Horacio, Virgilio, Ovidio, Juvenal) printed in Lima in 1795 is destined for the exercise of translation. The volume, moreover, is a testimony of the book culture that gives signs in different places of its holder that, in Spanish as in Latin, declares its name: Wenceslao Mejía. On the other hand, with this booklet we inaugurate our page in ISSUU where we will keep rare printed or manuscripts coming from particular collections. Among the notes made by Mejía, the madrigal “Iba cogiendo flores” by the poet Luis Martín de la Plaza (1577 – 1625), one of the most representative of the famous collection Flores de poetas ilustres del siglo XVII.