Collection of the memories or relations that the Virreyes of Peru wrote (Volume II)

Collection of the memories or relations written by the Virreyes of Peru about the state in which they left the general things of the kingdom, compendium edited by Ángel Altolaguirre of the Real Academia de la Historia (Volume II)

The Spanish Empire, in the opinion of some historians, was built on tons of paper. This affirmation is stated in the memorials and relations that were made by order of the different Viceroys. In these reports, information on the resources in Peru, their problems, and the most convenient way of directing the chaotic Spanish Empire was recorded. In this collection you will find documentation of Francisco de Toledo, the Marqués de Montesclaros, among other characters.

Volume II: Relaciones (Reports) of the Marqués de Guadalcázar, del Conde de Chinchón, del Marqués de Mancera, del Conde de Salvatierra y del Conde de Alba de Liste