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The Corpus Diachronic of Spanish (CORDE) is a textual corpus of all the times and places in which Spanish was spoken, from the beginning of the language until 1975, in which it limits with the Corpus of Reference of Current Spanish (CREA) and the Corpus of the Spanish of the XXI Century (CORPES). CORDE is designed to extract information with which to study words and their meanings, as well as grammar and its use over time.

It currently has 250 million records corresponding to written texts of very different genres. They are distributed in prose and verse and, within each modality, in narrative, lyrical, dramatic, scientific-technical, historical, legal, religious, journalistic, etc. texts. It seeks to collect all geographic, historical and generic varieties so that the whole is sufficiently representative.

Today, it is an obligatory source for any diachronic study related to the Spanish language. The Academy systematically uses CORDE to document words, to describe them as old-fashioned or in disuse, to know the origin of some terms, its tradition in the language, the first appearances of the words … It also served as basic material for the making of the New historical dictionary of Spanish. (DRHE).

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